S.Yushkevitch (born 12.01.1953)


The biography.



The docent of the chair of piano special of Kharkov institute of Arts.

Laureat of International Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition in Brussel, 1975, had concerts in Belgium, France, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine.

In 1999 in France there was published his own volume of an original piano-transcriptions. Too in France was published compact-disk (by the firm "Suoni e Colori") included complete author’s interpretation of own transcriptions. There were published also a number of music articles of him. His students have became laureats both National and International music competitions.



He was merit the title "Maitre of composition of USSR" in 1968, for compositions made in 1966.

He has worked in all principal genres of composition : Problems, Etudes, Zadachies.

Champion of USSR 1984 in genres Problems and Miniaturs, he won 10 time Ukraine Championships in genres Problems, Miniaturs, Etudes. He is winner of many International competitions, including 1st prize he won in the "native land " of modern problematic, in Netherland: in Jubilem Concours of Accosiation of Dutch problemists (KVD) in 1991. Since 1971 he was as the jury-member in more than 60 competitions, botn National and International.

One of the organisers and Chief of jury of the follow competitions:

National : Concours in memory of A.Kovrizhkin (1981), Open championchip of Kharkov(1982), ‘The Enigma-87’(1987);

International : Concours in memory of Y.Schmidt (1983).

In 1984-1991 he is the leadinig of heading of composition ‘Charming arabeskes’ in draughts-section of newspaper ‘Leninska zmina’(Kharkov). In 1985 – 1992 he is co-leading of heading’Damproblematiek in USSR’ in the magazine ‘De Problemist’(Netherlands). There were published a lot of articles both in former USSR and Netherlands presse. In 1991 – 1992 he is main redactor of the draughts’ composition bulletin ’Doved’. he is author of two books: ‘ Mir miniaturs’(Kharkov, ‘Folio’, 1994, co-authors B.Shkitkin and V.Matus) and ‘700 selected compositions from Championships of Ukraine 1980 – 1995’ (Kharkov, ‘Folio’, 1997, co-author – M.Ben). At GA FMJD 19.08.2001 he is elected at the post of the President of International Committee of Problemism (CPI FMJD).

He is merit of two highest titles:

"Grand Maitre International" (according to the results of the Inernational competitions) and "Grand Maitre International Honoris Causa" (for the valuable contribution to the development of draughts composition).

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